Beauty. Power. Versatility. Ease. Grace.

Can all of these attributes be found in an insect?


The dragonfly is not a bothersome pest, but a lithe and lovely creature whose existence teaches us many lessons about our own.

Take the dragonfly’s agility. It is able to move up and down like a helicopter, backward and forward like a bird, and from side to side like a hummingbird. All of this with its translucent wings beating at only a fraction of the power used by comparable insects.

What if we could move through life with such ease and grace, effortlessly flowing from day to day?

Because of its intense beauty and ability, you might think the dragonfly is an enduring creature. But it isn’t. The dragonfly is an adult for only six months or less. Yet, it achieves such heights in its brief adult existence.

We don’t know the amount of time we have on earth. Thus, it isn’t wise to worry about tomorrow or next year. Instead, we ought to live each day, each hour, to its absolute fullest. The moment we are in is the only one we have. Worrying about a future that may not exist is futile. The time for living is now.

Did you know that 80% of a dragonfly’s brain power is dedicated to its sight. It has a wide-eyed, 360-degree view of its world.

Similarly, we must open our eyes and allow ourselves to see things that we may be overlooking. The value of insight into ourselves, into others, and into the world around us is invaluable. A clear-eyed view of life is important for well-being.

Open your eyes and live.